Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Think

Today I encountered an interesting dilemma. This isn't the first time I've encountered it, but the first time I've noticed it and been able to pull some thoughts from it.
While talking with two different friends, about two different, but somewhat serious topics, I found myself drowned in a sea of "I think."
"I think this. . ."
"Not trying to attack you, but I think. . ."

I aim to remove this word from my vocabulary. With think, comes uncertainty in what you speak, and with uncertainty, comes doubt in your ability. I find this stems from two main ideas -the desire to not be wrong, and the desire to not offend.

Firstly, you can never be wrong in your beliefs. When new evidence comes along, you may change your belief, but you were never wrong to begin with. You will always have time to correct yourself later. Speak what you know, but be open to learn.

Secondly, the desire to not offend is just silly. Nothing that is said cannot be mended or clarified, which is most cases, is all that is needed.

Don't think. Know and believe. Be confident in your beliefs - years of experiences is what has brought you to them, and they can never be wrong. Don't ever doubt them.


  1. Hey Jesse. Great post!

    I went for years without using the words "I think" after hearing Bruce Lee philosophy. I feel these changes can be quite powerful! Great sense of self-awareness man! it gave me a lot of discipline and mental toughness, though also a lot of pain.

    As long as we are not hard on ourselves or beat ourselves up mentally when we catch these words, its cool. to just catch oneself, acknowledge it without judging ourselves, and end up doing it less, and eventually not at all, is an incredible approach! or if you can just stop saying it immediately thats pretty incredible as well.

    and the rest of your observations on it are real interesting. thanks for posting man!

  2. "____I feel____ these changes can be quite powerful!"

    "As long as we are not hard on ourselves or beat ourselves up mentally when we catch these words, its cool."


  3. "don't think, feel." haha

    i just realized its not Jesse's writings.

    Good stuff Bryan!

  4. Don't rush... one must be aware of one's thoughts and feelings before they can know, and simply be, the truth. There is no shame in developing our thoughts and feelings until they "fit", as this will allow us to fully commit to important choices and react to unexpected situations in our lives.

    It's a lot like parkour... you get to a point where you just know your ability. It is important to first think about a movement, to be uncertain and cautious, then develop a feeling for it through trial and error. Eventually, you develop an instinct about it, and you know you can trust it when you need to. You might think, feel, or even believe you can land a rail precision, but if you try it before you know you will not miss, you WILL face only negative consequences.

    Maybe the question should not be "What do you believe in?", but "What do you know?". Beliefs lead man astray, knowledge leads man towards himself.