Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Subject to Change"

If there's good in all things then it's our job to find it!

This goes further to say that it's healthy to look for it places we haven't, and keep looking until we know for sure it's there. The world is an amazing place.

Culinary: Bake 7 loaves of bread a week.
Rye Flour and Caraway seed with some dill, needs to be refined, not the flour but the loafmaking

Musical: Listen to new bands
The Welfare Poets
A couple of Cornell students that came together to rhyme for a good cause. I stumbled across this in my search for do good fun events around NY. They rhyme for a reason.

Physical: No shoes
No shoes

Structural: Workout before breakfast
Crumby workout then good bread, will be looking to scratch that and reverse it.

Creative: Create one thing

I've been making some ambigrams, they need work but I kind of like them.



I think the Leap one turned out the best.

Mental: Watch a TED talk
Woody Norris talks about the amazing things he's invented and his interesting approach to invention. It's really pretty cool, and he's a good talker.

Social: Random Act of Kindness
I've taken to folding cranes again, I don't know if anyone sees them and smiles, but to me this is nondestructive graffiti, only positivity turning just a piece of paper into something that enriches the beauty of our world.

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